FUEL Student Ministries – Online Campus – “Plugging In” Series

Students and families, we are excited to begin another series together for our online campus. As we spend time social distancing, we have opportunities. Opportunities to go, and do, and be, and more than likely we find ourselves in situations that weren’t intended. In this series we will look at how we as humans are affected by the decisions we make and how often times they lead us to make bad choices that unintentionally lead to make choices even further from those that God desires from us. In this three week series we will look at, “Staying connected”, “Touching the world”, and “Love is key”. Each one of these leading us into a deeper and more intimate relationship with our heavenly father. Below are the resources for each week. You can also find them attached to the videos in Youtube, Facebook, and on our website at www.rfcc.org

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